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Information on the declaration of a state of emergency in the Czech Republic
thursday, 12 March 2020

Dear customers,


5/18/2020 - 9:00

The state of emergency has ended in the Czech Republic. Some restrictions still apply. From 25.05. the masks will be valid only inside public buildings (offices, shops) and in places where many people are present at the same time.

5/9/2020 - 8:30 pm

Entrepreneur support program - possibility to apply for support no. 2 - more information >>>


Information on the declaration of a state of emergency in the Czech Republic

5/6/2020 - 11:40

The Ministry of Finance is preparing a second support for entrepreneurs without employment. From May 7, 2020, it will probably be possible to submit applications for support covering days from May 1. until June 8, 2020. Entrepreneurs can count on support in the amount of CZK 19,500. We will keep you updated on the details.

May 4, 2020 - 4:55 pm

Companies and entrepreneurs are exempt from cash registers (EET) until December 31, 2020. From 01/01/2021 cash registers will be mandatory for all types of activities, including those that were to be fiscalized from April this year.

4/28/2020 - 20:15

The state of emergency in the Czech Republic has been extended today until May 17th.

Next Thursday, the government will make a decision on financial aid for entrepreneurs for the May period. CZK 500 is proposed for each day.

04/27/2020 - 11:45

Biuro Prospectum s.r.o. in Nachod will be opened from the day on which the borders between the Czech Republic and the Republic of Poland will be opened. Until then, it will be possible to arrange an appointment at the office only for persons residing in the Czech Republic. Contact with the office is possible only via e-mail e-mail: bok@prospectum.eu

04/17/2020 - 15:00

Firms can apply to banks to postpone loan and mortgage repayments for a period of 3 to 6 months. The regulation was signed today by the President of the Czech Republic.

The Ministry of Finance plans to support people running a sole proprietorship until 06/06/2020 by paying support in the amount of CZK 500/day (calculated from 01/05/2020) - more details will be provided soon.

The Czech-Polish border remains closed. It is only possible for transport companies to travel - more information is available from the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Poland and Ministerstvo Vnitra CR.


04/15/2020 - 23:00

Entrepreneur support program - possibility to apply for support - more information >>>


4/14/2020 - 12:20

  • We are preparing detailed information on one-time support for sole proprietorships. Support does not apply to people who are employed in addition to business.
  • In connection with numerous inquiries regarding the payment of contributions to OSSZ (ZUS) and VZP (health insurance fund), we would like to inform you that all sole proprietorships are exempt from contributions minimum from March 2020 to August 2020 inclusive. Minimum contributions: OSSZ 2,544 CZK, VZP: 2,352 CZK.
  • Contact with the office in Nachod is still possible only via e-mail via e-mail address: bok@prospectum.eu . The stationary office is closed for clients until further notice.


3/30/2020 - 11:15

Natural persons and legal persons obliged to pay income tax withholding in 2020, which is paid in June, are exempt from paying this advance. However, this does not mean exemption from paying tax.

The Ministry of Finance will propose to abolish the 4% tax on real estate sales.

The Minister of Finance promised financial support to natural persons running a sole proprietorship, who at that time cannot run their business or have incurred/suffer losses.

The Ministry of Finance proposed to suspend the repayment of loan installments (including interest) for a period of 6 months without any sanctions.

3/27/2020 - 11:30

Due to the quarantine of the accountant from our company, not all companies had VAT returns for 2/2020 returned on time. Where possible, these declarations will be prepared and returned by us. Please be patient. From March to August, no delay in submitting the declaration is subject to no interest or penalties!

3/25/2020 - 9:00

The Czech government has enacted that single-minded persons Since March 2020 to August 2020, they do not have to pay minimum contributions for social and pension insurance and health insurance, which do not have any additional sources of income under the employment contract. Persons who pay contributions higher than the minimum will be required to retroactively pay the difference between the amount they were to pay and the minimum amount.

Cash registers - a group of companies that was to be covered by the obligation of cash registers from May 1, 2020 was released from this obligation during the state of emergency and 3 months after the end of this state. Also companies that already have cash registers do not have to fiscalise transactions at that time.

3/24/2020 - 18:30

The Czech parliament debates the adoption of provisions on aid for entrepreneurs and companies. We will inform you about the details after their announcement.

The Polish government announced the extension of the border closure date, i.e. until 04/11/2020. It is possible to extend this period by another weeks.

3/16/2020 - 18:00

The Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic undertook not to punish companies and entrepreneurs for delays in submitting tax returns, and this by 1 July 2020.

3/15/2020 - 23:30

From midnight on March 16, 2020, there is a total quarantine throughout the Czech Republic. During this time, it is only possible to leave home to work and to the store. Food stores will still be open.

3/14/2020 - 19:30

  • entry to the Czech Republic from 8.00 pm is only possible for people with temporary or permanent residence here
  • from Monday 16/03/2020 Poczta Polska does not carry out international shipments (probably the Czech Post will also make a similar decision!)
  • companies transporting and transporting goods to the Czech Republic and other countries can enter the Czech Republic provided that the destination is documented - for details, please ask the Customs Offices and the Border Service
  • most restaurants and shops are closed until March 24, 2020
  • Poles returning from the Czech Republic to Poland will be subject to a 14-day quarantine
  • banks and state offices will operate without restrictions, clients will not be seen in person in most offices, but sent to electronic contact

12/03/2020 - Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Andrej Babisz announced that from 14:00 throughout the Czech Republic, a state of emergency applies for the next 30 days. At the moment, all universities have been closed, no cultural campaigns will take place, offices do not serve clients directly in offices, restaurants are open only until 20:00. The main recommendation is to wait out this difficult time at home if possible. From Friday, March 13, 2020, all trains and buses will run only in the Czech Republic, international trains and buses will not leave the country.

Due to the current state of affairs, we would like to inform you that in the near future it will also not be possible to make an appointment in our office - until further notice . All business related matters should be handled via our e-mail bok@prospectum.eu . At the same time, we would like to inform you that some matters may be settled by offices over an extended period of time.

Unfortunately, we have no direct influence on many situations, but we will try to inform you about all current problems. Thank you for your understanding!

Citizens of the so-called Czech Republic are banned from entering the Czech Republic for a month. high-risk areas - apart from China, Iran and South Korea, the list includes a total of 13 countries, incl. Austria, Germany, Italy. Poland is not there. From midnight on Friday, border controls with Germany and Austria will be introduced. Foreigners will not cross the border with Germany and Austria.
Czech citizens are not allowed to travel to the following countries: China, South Korea, Iran, Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Denmark.

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