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Active company s.r.o. for sale
wednesday, 4 November 2020

We offer a Czech company s.r.o. for sale (the equivalent of a Polish limited liability company) with the possibility of locating the seat in Nachod.

Active company s.r.o. for sale

The purchase of a ready-made company in the Czech Republic allows you to immediately start a business in the Czech Republic. The company is not registered as a VAT payer.


Company name: Hasidite s.r.o. (it is possible to change the name)

Date of establishing the company: November 8, 2017

Share capital: CZK 12,000


Sale price: 20,000 CZK (3,400 PLN) 10,000 CZK (1,700 PLN) + notary fees (approx. 15,000 CZK)


At the same time, we offer the continuation of the company's accounting services and full office services (headquarters + office outsourcing)


More information via e-mail - bok@prospectum.eu

business Contact data

Šafránice 555
547 01 Náchod 1
Czech Republik
VAT ID: CZ8410083946

Phone +420 774 68 24 00
account_balance_wallet Average Rate Currency

EUR EUR 1.5390 AUD
EUR EUR 23.861 CZK
EUR EUR 0.87978 GBP
EUR EUR 390.53 HUF
EUR EUR 4.7103 PLN
EUR EUR 11.2620 SEK
EUR EUR 1.0903 USD
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