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Active company s.r.o. for sale
wednesday, 4 November 2020

We offer a Czech company s.r.o. for sale (the equivalent of a Polish limited liability company) with the possibility of locating the seat in Nachod.

Active company s.r.o. for sale

The purchase of a ready-made company in the Czech Republic allows you to immediately start a business in the Czech Republic. The company is not registered as a VAT payer.


Company name: Hasidite s.r.o. (it is possible to change the name)

Date of establishing the company: November 8, 2017

Share capital: CZK 12,000


Sale price: 20,000 CZK (3,400 PLN) 10,000 CZK (1,700 PLN) + notary fees (approx. 15,000 CZK)


At the same time, we offer the continuation of the company's accounting services and full office services (headquarters + office outsourcing)


More information via e-mail - bok@prospectum.eu

business Contact data

Šafránice 555
547 01 Náchod 1
Czech Republik
VAT ID: CZ8410083946

Phone +420 774 68 24 00
account_balance_wallet Average Rate Currency

EUR 1.6156 AUD
EUR 24.736 CZK
EUR 0.84205 GBP
EUR 398.00 HUF
EUR 4.3733 PLN
EUR 11.2731 SEK
EUR 1.0686 USD
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