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Covid - current restrictions (updated)
wednesday, 21 October 2020

10/12/2020 - The state of emergency in the Czech Republic has been extended until 22/01/2021. Citizens of the Republic of Poland may come to the Czech Republic for a maximum of 12 hours without the obligation to have a valid test and report to the Czech equivalent of Sanepid only if important matters are settled.

Covid - current restrictions (updated)

When entering the Czech Republic, pay special attention to incoming SMS. Automatic SMS informing us about the change of network (state) should be kept in case of police control.


Restaurants are closed (take-away only) shops sell only essential groceries, medicines etc. and are open for max. until 21:00. There is a total ban on drinking alcohol in public places.

From 21:00 to 5:00 no movement is allowed (except for the road to and from work, a doctor, etc.)


It is still possible to contact most service companies only by phone or e-mail. Most office workers work from home.

Public offices in the Czech Republic work every day, but direct contact with the office (in person) is possible only after prior appointment for a specific date.

Contact with our company remains the same - online only.

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