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Compensation bonus for companies
tuesday, 9 June 2020

The Government of the Czech Republic, bearing in mind that some entrepreneurs operate through small companies, extended the aid for entrepreneurs also to partners in small companies.

The aid is addressed to the partners (and therefore not to the partnership) and is the partner's tax-free income. The bonus is awarded retroactively for the period from 12.3. 2020 and amounts to CZK 500 for each working day for each partner of the company. The bonus can only be withdrawn to an account in the Czech Republic.

To take advantage of the bonus, the company cannot have more than two partners and had a turnover of at least 180,000 kronor in the previous tax year.

A partner in the company may not be employed in another company (except his own company) or have any other income in another EU country exceeding his Czech income by 10%.


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