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Support for entrepreneurs in connection with the COVID19 epidemic (updated)
wednesday, 15 April 2020

Updated: 5/9/2020

>>> Individuals running a sole proprietorship are encouraged to fill in the new form application for support for the period 1.05. - June 8, 2020. Please complete the data accurately and correctly . Persons who have not yet applied for the first support, please complete two forms separately. (hint: a teacher is a teacher at a school in the Czech Republic) <<<


Due to the difficulties for entrepreneurs caused by the restrictions and the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 epidemic, at the request of the Government, the Parliament of the Czech Republic adopted a basic aid package for entrepreneurs.

Support for entrepreneurs in connection with the COVID19 epidemic (updated)

1. Compensation allowance.

For the period of the first difficulties from March to the end of April 2020, entrepreneurs can apply to villages for a one-time compensation allowance in the amount of CZK 25,000.

Everyone has the right to support entrepreneurs who operated before the crisis started and did not suspend it, and it is the sole or main source of income .

Economic activity is considered the main source of income also for:

  • retirees,
  • students,
  • mothers receiving parental benefit and at the same time running a business.

Persons with an employment contract in the Czech Republic or other country, who are exempt from Czech contributions based on the A1 form , no compensation allowance .

Preparation and submission of the application can be ordered in the customer panel through the appropriate Form (SERVICES> Forms> Application for a compensation bonus in connection with the COVID-19 epidemic (13.03.-30.04. or/and 01.05.-08.06.)/strong>), or prepared by yourself through the forms on the website of the Ministry of Finance.

2. Exemption from contributions

All entrepreneurs are exempt from the obligation to pay advances for social and health insurance in the months from March to the end of August 2020. Persons paying the minimum contribution will be fully exempt from insurance for this period. Entrepreneurs whose income exceeds the minimum rate threshold for the months of March to August will have to pay the difference between the calculated premium and the minimum rate at the time of submitting the annual bill.

The release is automatic and requires no application.


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