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How do I pay Czech invoices correctly?
thursday, 16 March 2017

The method of settling liabilities with a bank account in the Czech Republic is slightly different from the payment methods in Poland. Remember that when making a payment by transfer from a Czech bank account to a Czech recipient's account, you must enter the shorter bank account number in the appropriate fields, which usually appears in the first place of the contract with the bank. The account number is divided into two or three parts. In the first box we always enter the part that is before the"slash" (eg 720-33556677 or 33556677), and in the next box we enter the bank code, that is the numbers after the"slash" (eg 7210, 2710, 6200 etc. .).

How do I pay Czech invoices correctly?

The second very important thing when making a payment by bank transfer is the correct filling of the remaining fields, ie"variabilni symbol","constant symbol","specificky symbol". Of the three, the most important is the"variabilni symbol" which should always be filled in correctly. In most cases the"variabilni symbol" is the number of the invoice currently being paid. Payments with a correctly entered"variabilni symbol" will be immediately booked by our creditors, while the lack of a correctly entered number may result in a request for payment or transfer of receivables to bailiff institutions.

When making payments from accounts in a currency other than Czech koruna, remember to enter the invoice number for which you are making the payment in the"Transfer title" field. No other information entered there is necessary.

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