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September 26 - International Day of Foreign Languages ​​- SURPRISE!
thursday, 23 September 2010

In 2001, the inaugural conference of the European Year of Foreign Languages ​​was held in Sweden. It was attended by representatives of European Union member states and the Council of Europe. It was agreed at this conference that September 26 will be the International Day of Foreign Languages.

September 26 - International Day of Foreign Languages ​​- SURPRISE!

On this day, schools, colleges and other educational institutions organize various events related to language learning. One of the main goals of the"European Day of Languages" is to show the benefits of language learning, such as enabling Europeans to communicate with native speakers, free movement of people and information exchange, as well as promoting various forms of international cooperation and the opportunity to learn about the culture of other countries . The most common language in Europe is English. 47% of citizens speak this language, but for 31% of them it is a foreign language. 16% of EU citizens speak English, 16% French and 16% Italian as their mother tongue. For 24% of Europeans, or around 100 million people, German is their mother tongue. The European Day of Languages ​​is also an opportunity to realize that in Europe there are more than 40 regional minority languages ​​spoken in over one hundred communities. Poland is inhabited by representatives of nine national minorities: Belarusians, Czechs, Lithuanians, Germans, Armenians, Russians, Slovaks, Ukrainians, Jews and four ethnic minorities: Karaims, Lemkos, Roma and Tatars. Moreover, the areas of the Pomeranian Voivodeship are inhabited by Kashubians, a community using the regional language.

Also Online Vademecum of Friends of the Czech Language prepared a surprise for all Internet users in the form of a special price offer for the purchase of a textbook for learning the Czech language entitled"Čeština". Only on September 26, you can order a book at an attractive price of PLN 19.90 *). Place an order on the website www.jezyk-czeski.info and include the code"MDJ" in the additional information.

*) - offer is valid only on September 26 from 00:00 to 23:59 CET

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