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A sweet surprise from the Czech Republic for your loved ones!
thursday, 28 October 2010

IT IS COMING SOON SAINT CHRISTMAS AND CHRISTMAS !!! THINK OF GREAT SWEET GIFTS !!! We offer private individuals and companies to prepare packages with sweets, coffee and tea with specific contents.

A sweet surprise from the Czech Republic for your loved ones!

The packages consist of original confectionery products from the Czech company ORION producing, among others the world-famous Student's Chocolate. In addition to chocolate in packets, you will find a chocolate box as well as bars, candies and dragees in chocolate. PICKWICK packages contain delicious PICKWICK teas (black, green, white, fruit). Coffee packs contain coffee beans, ground or instant coffee by D OUWE EGBERTS (you can choose the type of coffee). When placing an order, please specify whether the contents of the package should consist of dairy products, dark chocolate products or mixed products. Sample packages: A package of ORION sweets - medium - PLN 88.00/package A package of ORION sweets - small - PLN 49.00/package A package of ORION sweets - large - PLN 129.00/package A package of coffee + sweets (large) - PLN 99.00/package Coffee + sweets package (small) - PLN 54.00/package Package of Pickwick teas + sweets - PLN 59.00/package Package tea + coffee + sweets - PLN 69.00/package Package Slodyczy Milka - PLN 74.00/package Shipment: For orders over PLN 800 - free courier delivery In the Dolnośląskie and Opolskie voivodeships we deliver packages with our own transport for PLN 50 (for orders over PLN 500 free transport ) Other parcel prices: priority mail parcel up to 1 kg - PLN 11 priority parcel up to 2 kg - PLN 14 priority parcel up to 5 kg - PLN 22 courier mail - PLN 45

If you have any questions, please contact us: paczki@jezyk-czeski.info We issue VAT invoices!

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