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Czech post office - a reliable partner of shops
thursday, 18 November 2010

Every entrepreneur, whether sending documents or fulfilling orders from customers of his shop, knows how important it is to deliver shipments on time. He knows even more if he has burned himself to cooperation with the Polish post office. Delivery times are as famous as standing in line at the counter, and all glory is only surpassed by state subsidies.

Czech post office - a reliable partner of shops

Today, the Internet media reported that the court was upholding a six-million-dollar fine imposed by the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection on Polish Post for failure to comply with parcel delivery standards (min. 80% must be delivered within the time specified in the service specification *) .

The complete opposite is the postal behemoth of the southern neighbors - Česká pošta. Not only is the company profitable, but despite the lack of distinction between economic and priority parcels, already 60% ** of parcels are delivered on the first day after posting. More demanding customers can use the commercial mail service, which offers second-day guaranteed delivery at the price of Polish priorities.

The standard of the post office is also the on-line service and addressing system (weaves it like couriers) and the tracking of parcels (Track & Trace). In principle, this excludes the need to stand in lines. The post office will also deliver the parcel to customers in the evening hours, and will notify them in advance via SMS.

In cooperation with the Czech post office, we offer all online shops - run by Czech and Polish companies, a package of services ensuring easy access to the Czech market. We will prepare an agreement with the Czech post office, we will open a bank account at the Internet Postal Bank and we will ensure the collection of parcels and their delivery to the post office (including addressing)!

On the other hand, companies that do not yet have an internet presentation in Czech are invited to use the services of our translation agency.

*) the standards of the International Postal Union stipulate the third day for economic shipment and one day for priority
**) data according to www.cpost.cz

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