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Czech population registration number
wednesday, 11 July 2012

For the purpose of registering the population, almost every country assigns the inhabitants, both its own citizens and foreigners, identification numbers that facilitate grouping and searching of necessary data in the databases of public administration. The most basic identifier in Poland is PESEL. Its Czech counterpart is native číslo.

Czech population registration number

Rodné číslo is automatically allocated to newborns born in the Czech Republic, as well as to foreigners who register for temporary or permanent residence in the Czech Republic.

In addition to the aforementioned groups, to which this number is assigned automatically, there is one more group that is required to have this number, but for technical reasons (no necessary data about the person), the persons belonging to it must submit request for this number. This group includes entrepreneurs (together with cooperating family members), company managers and employees commuting from abroad who do not have residence in the Czech Republic but are registered for compulsory pension and health insurance.

The above obligation results from the direct application of Act No. 133/2000 on population records in relation to Acts 582/1991 on the organization of social security and 592/1922 on health insurance. The wording of the regulations shows that the insured person is obliged to report the Czech"Pesel" to the selected health insurance fund and the poviat branch of the Social Insurance Administration competent for the company's seat. The so-called The"insured person number" assigned by each of these institutions is only temporary.

As a rule, it takes around 30 days and is free of charge. The only necessary condition is to attach to the application a Multilingual Copy of a Birth Certificate or an Abbreviated Copy of a Birth Certificate issued by the registry office competent for the place of birth. Although the Czech Republic is not a signatory to the Vienna Convention No. 16, it generally recognizes this act without the need for a translation into Czech.

Unfortunately, the application for assigning a registration number must be signed in person in the presence of the official who verifies (authenticates) the signature. This can be done at the office of any Czech city, in the provincial office (Krajský úřad), to a notary public or at the embassy of the Czech Republic (eg in Warsaw, ul. Koszykowa 18). The assigned population registration number can either be picked up in person at the Ministry or it is sent to the applicant's return address.

Source (and application form): MVCR.cz

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