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The Czech Trade Inspection Authority inspects online stores
thursday, 9 April 2015

The Czech Trade Inspection Authority (ČOI) fined five million kronor to shopkeepers when inspecting online stores. The inspectors found various shortcomings in all the shops inspected. The main problem was misleading customers that the goods ordered are in the store's warehouse.

The Czech Trade Inspection Authority inspects online stores

Another problem is the failure to recognize the complaint and the right to withdraw from the contract. Out of 870 audited online stores, the above situation took place in as many as 80% of them. Sellers often misled buyers by claiming that the real seller is a different company or by misrepresenting the goods.

In some cases, fines were only awarded for formal shortcomings, such as missing or incorrect information in the shop policies that could be caused by a misunderstanding of legal provisions.

The Czech Trade Inspection Authority inspects online stores, usually upon receipt of a complaint from a customer. Last year, it received over 4,800 such complaints. The most common problem described in the complaints is the delivery of defective goods or dissatisfaction with the quality of the goods. Problems with complaints are quite frequent.

There are more and more online stores in the Czech Republic every day, and there are currently around 40,000 of them. The inspectors of the Czech Trade Inspection plan to increase the number of inspections.

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