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INTRASTAT reports in the Czech Republic
friday, 5 June 2015

As a consequence of the creation of the European Union, the borders between the Member States were abolished and a single market was created. As a result of this fact, the statistics of the European Union were deprived of the source of data on trade in goods with other European Union countries, as customs clearance ceased. These changes resulted in the creation of a new, common system of statistics on trade in goods between the Member States of the European Union. Since January 1, 1993, the INTRASTAT system has been in force in the area of ​​the Single European Market.

INTRASTAT reports in the Czech Republic

Under the provisions of EU customs law, the person (reporting entity) required to provide information under the INTRASTAT system is a natural or legal person, as well as an organizational unit without legal personality, which is a VAT taxpayer and carries out trade in goods with the countries of the European Union.

All entities registered in the Czech Republic for VAT that, within twelve (or less) months, exchanged goods with VAT payers from other EU countries, with a total value exceeding 8 million crowns, are obliged to start submitting a declaration. This limit is calculated separately for intra-community purchases and deliveries. The limit does not include deliveries made by an intermediary as part of simplified triangular transactions and situations where the goods only pass (transit) through the Czech Republic. Such entities are exempt from submitting declarations. Moreover, if the entity carries out different transactions (counted and excluded), only those transactions that are not excluded from the declarations due to said transit should be included in the Intrastat declaration.

The obliged entity must complete the relevant notification formalities for registration with the Czech Customs Office in accordance with the instructions on the website of the Czech Customs Service. Failure to submit to INTRASTAT registration and failure to submit monthly declarations may result in the imposition of severe financial penalties.

As the invoice records do not show information about layoffs or exceeding the limit for reporting entities, please carefully control the transactions carried out and notify the relevant office employee about the need to submit a notification.

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