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Price list change from 1.1.2016
Saturday, 31 October 2015

In accordance with the concluded agreements, we would like to inform you about changes to the Price List, which is an integral part of the GTC. Changes in the price list apply to certain fees and services. At the same time, we are introducing the possibility of negotiating prices with entities issuing large amounts of invoices.

Changes to the price list will be effective from 01/01/2016.

Price list change from 1.1.2016
Use of the property as a company headquarters, including one hour per month of using the conference room month Kč 550.00 Kč 560.00
Sending the letter on behalf of the Customer or to the Customer (max. 500 g) items Kč 100.00 Kč 130.00
with acknowledgment of receipt items Kč 120.00 Kč 150.00
by courier items Kč 400.00 400.00 Kč
Representing the client before the office in current matters in the form of electronic communication, except for the submission of settlements form. Kč 200.00 from 200.00 Kč
Issuing, archiving an invoice in the Customer Account of entities that do not keep full accounting (possibility to negotiate prices with customers with a large number of invoices) pcs. Kč 11.00 Kč 12.00
Tax records of foreign VAT payers 20 entries Kč 220.00 Kč 300.00
Full Accounting for 100 entries Kč 2,600.00 Kč 2,700.00
Preparation and sending of the road tax declaration vehicle Kč500.00 400.00 Kč
Preparation of the correction of the CIT, PIT or VAT declaration pcs. Kč 1,500.00 Kč 800.00


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