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Changes in regulations and taxes from 2016
monday, 21 December 2015

Unfortunately, traditionally, the legislators prepare for us changes in regulations, taxes and salaries every year. The changes concern entrepreneurs, companies and employers.

Changes in regulations and taxes from 2016

Changes in VAT

The new year does not bring any changes to the tax rates for entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, starting in January, from the new year, entrepreneurs will submit to the offices, in addition to the VAT declaration, the so-called control settlement, which will contain information on all transactions. For our office, it is necessary to submit an additional form. The remaining data is generated by accounting systems on the basis of data that we have already celebrated in accounting. This obligation entails very large restrictions for delays. Therefore, from the new year, we shorten the deadline for delivering documents to the 10th day of the month. A penalty of CZK 1,000 is charged for delay on the first day.

Minimum wage

The minimum wage has changed since January. The lowest guaranteed hourly wage is SEK 58.70 and the monthly is CZK 9,900.

For each professional group, the minimum wage changes as follows.

v CZK for breeding
CZK 58.70 - CZK 9,900
CZK 64.80 - CZK 10,900
CZK 71.60 - CZK 12,100 CZK 79.00 - CZK 13,300
CZK 87.20 - CZK 14,700
CZK 96.30 - CZK 16,200
CZK 106.30 - CZK 17,900
117.40 CZK - 19 800 CZK

Employers should make appropriate changes to their contracts at the latest at the beginning of the new year.

Entrepreneur insurance

As the minimum wage changes, the minimum social security rates change to 1972 crowns. Health insurance rate at NOK 1823. The new rates apply from January (payable after 1.2.2016).



From 2016, daily rates for business trips will change. Tw. the diet is

      • CZK 70 to CZK 83, for a business trip lasting 5 to 12 hours,
      • 106 CZK to 127 CZK, for a business trip lasting from 12 to 18 hours,
      • CZK 166 to CZK 198, with a business trip of more than 18 hours.


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