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Types of contracts with employees
monday, 12 September 2016

Unlike in Poland, the legal system of the Czech Republic - apart from a contract for a specific work - does not provide for the possibility of concluding contracts with natural persons based on provisions other than the Code work. At the same time, the Labor Code offers three types of contracts, according to the employer's needs

Types of contracts with employees

Employment contract

This is the most common type of contract with employees. Concluded for an indefinite or definite period - but not longer than three years. Employees are entitled to protection against unjustified dismissal, the right to leave, paid parental or maternity leave, and sick leave.

As a rule, such contracts are full-time, which may not exceed 40 hours a week. In the case of an employment contract, the employer is entitled to a maximum three-month trial period, during which the employer is allowed to dismiss the employee without giving any reason.

Insurance premiums are always deducted from employment contracts.


Employment Activity Agreement

This is a type of long-term, part-time contracts. Under this agreement, an employee maximum can be hired for half full-time. If the salary is less than 3000 SEK , no contributions are made for the employee for compulsory insurance, and thus the employee is not entitled to adequate benefits.

If the contract provides for SEK 3,000 or more and the employee is not employed by another company where the full insurance premium would be paid, the employer pays the health insurance premium as for the full-time minimum wage.


Work performance contract

Work contracts are usually signed with seasonal workers. Under this type of contract, an employee may work a maximum of 300 hours a year . If for his work an employee receives a salary lower than 10,000 crowns, it is not insured and therefore the employee is not entitled to adequate benefits.


Salary rules

A common feature of contracts with limited working hours is the possibility of paying a wage that is not insured. When determining the salary, however, it should be remembered that the hourly wage cannot be lower than that specified in the relevant regulation. In other words, it is not possible to hire an employee for 80 hours a month with a salary of NOK 2,400 (or about PLN 5 per hour).


[Updated 3/18/2020]


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