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Price list change from 2.1.2018.
thursday, 1 January 1970

In accordance with the concluded agreements, we would like to inform you about changes in the Price List, which is an integral part of the GTC.
Changes in the price list concern certain fees and services. At the same time, we would like to inform you about the possibility of negotiating prices with entities issuing large amounts of invoices.

The new pricelist will apply from 02/01/2018.

The change in the price list of provided services is a reaction to a drastic increase in the minimum wage and minimum wage rates for individual professional groups, and the deficit of employees on the labor market.

At the same time as some items grow, we are offering smaller packages.

Use of the property as a company headquarters, including one hour per month of using the conference room month Kč 600.00
Correspondence address of persons on the side of the Customer month Kč 120.00
Meeting room rental 1 h Kč 300.00
4 h Kč 1,000.00
8 h Kč 2,000.00
Overnight apartment rental 1 person Kč 550.00
2-4 people Kč 850.00
Check-in for a temporary stay in the territory of the Czech Republic in Real Estate (for the price of one night in an apartment for two people per month) month Kč 1,000.00
Collection of a parcel at the address of the Service Provider PO Box 59, PL-57350 Kudowa-Zdrój 1 items Kč 350.00
Collection of one letter mail (including photocopying and sending information about the shipment) p. A4 30.00 Kč
next page 10.00 Kč
Collection of one parcel or parcel weighing more than 500 g
with information about the shipment items Kč 25.00
including checking the contents of the package and information about the validity of any customer complaint items 35.00 Kč
Sending a regular letter to another EU country via Czech Post items Kč 60.00
Sending the package to an address in another EU country - Service price + Kč 60.00
Package storage
up to 5 days day 0.00 Kč
over 5 days day 10.00 Kč
Sending the letter on behalf of the Customer or to the Customer (max. 500 g) in the Czech Republic or Poland
by registered mail items Kč 150.00
by registered mail with confirmation of receipt items Kč 180.00
by courier items Kč 450.00
Sending the parcel on behalf of the Customer or to the Customer in the Czech Republic or in Poland
up to 10 kg items Kč 300.00
over 10 kg for every 5 kg items Kč 100.00
Parcel delivery point at the Customer's premises (payment for the delivered package) items 30.00 Kč
Telephone and email service for the Customer's customers, including 20 minutes of outgoing calls month Kč 11,000.00
individual number activation - 2,000.00 Kč
price for outgoing calls over 20 minutes min. Kč 7.00
Interpreting or representing the Customer before offices or business partners of the Customer in accordance with the power of attorney granted Hours Kč 450.00
Document translation NS Kč 400.00
Translation of documents with authentication NS Kč500.00
Representing the client before the office in current matters in the form of electronic communication, except for the submission of settlements form. from Kč 220.00
Issuing, archiving an invoice in the Customer Account of entities that do not keep full accounting (possibility to negotiate prices with customers with a large number of invoices) pcs. Kč 14.00
VAT records of foreign companies, except for invoices issued in the Client's Account, up to 20 accounting items month Kč 350.00
Each next item over 20 entries pcs. Kč 17.00
Processing a package of registration data of a foreign VAT payer and submitting a declaration month Kč 1,600.00
Tax records, except for invoices issued in the Client's Account, up to 20 accounting items month Kč 400.00
Each next item over 20 entries pcs. Kč 17.00
Full Accounting
Full accounting, up to 50 items (records) month Kč 1,500.00
Over 50 entries, each subsequent item pcs. Kč 30.00
Intrastat records entry. Kč 22.00
Business trip settlement pcs. Kč 55.00
Preparation and sending PIT declaration and advance payments for employee income tax pcs. Kč 800.00
Preparation and sending of CIT declaration pcs. Kč 1,500.00
Surcharge for the correction of a tax declaration to base price Kč 800.00
Contracted work on Saturdays and Sundays, public holidays and outside office hours + 50% of base price
Hire an office worker (addressing parcels, telemarketing, information retrieval, other business-related orders) for each commenced working hour time Kč 400.00
Closing of business activity, notification of City Hall, Tax Office, CSSZ, VZP and other offices pcs. Kč 1,200.00
Company liquidation negotiated price
Employee agenda os.mies. Kč 350.00
Preparation and submission of VAT declaration, summary and control (JKP) and sending the Intrastat pcs. Kč 350.00
Preparation and sending of the road tax declaration Vehicle Kč 440.00
Preparation and submission of a compulsory insurance settlement pcs. Kč 350.00
Ability to issue invoices from gross prices pcs. Kč 1,000.00
EET activation pcs. 3,000.00 Kč
Import of invoices (preparation of import handling from an external system) pcs. 4,000.00 Kč
Technical inspection of vehicles - presence of a translator, completing documents (max. 4 hours) pcs. Kč 2,000.00
each subsequent hour pcs. Kč 400.00
Vehicle registration at the City Hall - filling in and submitting the application, collecting license plates month Kč 1,000.00

Other services
Issuing a paper invoice and sending it to the Customer's correspondence address by registered mail pcs 100.00 CZK
+ shipping costs
Sending a reminder with the invoice to the Customer's correspondence address by registered mail pcs Kč 300.00

"If the customer does not agree with the change in the Price List, he has the right to withdraw from the contract no later than 10 days before the changes come into force. If the customer does not do so, it is assumed that he has agreed to change the Price List."

/Chapter V. p. 3. Agreements for the provision of services and the use of real estate/

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